Our Mission - Safe to Worship's mission is to empower        and embolden people to engage in actively making their church a safe place  to worship with relevant training that leads to a culture of organizational safety. 

We offer: 

  • Building safety audit, helping you find the unsafe spots.

  • Grounds and building security audit.

  • Training for staff, including dynamic scenario-based training.

  • Training for lay leaders - less intensive than for staff.

  • Training for specialty areas (i.e., nursery, school) so that teachers and workers are confident in emergency situations.

  • Security and/or safety equipment review. 

  • Policy and procedures review and recommendations.

  • Custom consultation.

The church is called to impact the culture with the message that saves lives for eternity. Ideally, this is done in a safe and friendly environment. We can help you think through possible disruptions to your ministry efforts and help you prepare appropriately.

Other Services We Offer

Our Safe To Worship seminars help churches with the three top security & safety issues they face today

  Our Vision - Impactful, life changing ministry in a

                         safe and secure setting.

Challenge #1 - Churches have historically been reactive to criminal activity. We help churches change the paradigm of thinking to being PROACTIVE. Future threats have not yet arrived, so we show you how to stop them before they do.

Challenge #2 -The threat matrix against churches continues to evolve. Our information is timely and helps you anticipate and prepare.

Challenge #3 The need for current and balanced information is paramount. Our presentations have been reviewed by law enforcement officials, attorneys, and safety professionals to make certain it is balanced.

A Safe To Worshipseminar

addresses all three of these challenges.

Topics can include:

  • Learning how to be Proactive instead of Reactive in safety and security.

  • The #1 reason churches end up in court defending themselves, and what you can do to stop it.
  • ​Starting a security/safety team in your church.

    • ​Creating a useful and thorough application process.

    • Equipment considerations and implementation.

    • Training considerations
    • Actions and steps that lead to a culture, not just a program.

  • Current top safety and security issues churches face.

  • Myths vs facts regarding security and safety.

  • How to develop scenario-based training.

  • Methods for preventing violence from entering the church.

  • Implementing an all-hazards approach to crisis planning.

  • Discussion on allowing firearms in the church and liability for churches.

  • Hands-on demonstrations of security options.

  • Additional topics tailored to specific needs.