Where Do We Start?

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John was a “sheepdog” for his church. A gentle family man, he had taken time over the past several months to go through the requisite training set out by his church to be a Care Team member in the entrance area of the auditorium every Sunday. He was there to watch for and stop the “wolf” should the “wolf" ever show up at the church. But he was also there to exercise his first responsibility: ... (Click here or on the picture to read more.)

Where to start your church safety team

5/22/2019 - "He Was Such A Nice Guy."

“He was such a nice guy.”  It’s a phrase that raises my hackles when it comes to this particular topic of church safety, and you’ll understand why shortly. I recently asked a friend of mine, a practicing attorney, how often he receives inquiries from churches which recently discovered, or rather uncovered, predatory activity and/or assault by a sexual predator. His answer shocked me.  (Click here or on the picture to read more.)

"He was such a nice guy."

6/26/2019 - ​What's Your Why?

 “What's your “Why?”
This three-word question can cause a person to really analyze their motivation for something, whether it’s a life mission, job targets and goals, or even working to create a security or safety team for a church. 
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5/08/2019 - The Five "P's" of Readiness

In a previous blog, I mentioned the three categories of any safety or security program - Readiness, Response, and Recovery.  For this post, we’re going to take Readiness and unpack it a bit with five categories of for most of our information - People, Policies, Procedures, Property, and Practice.  (Click here or on the picture to read more.)

Where to start your church safety team

4/24/2019 - Where Do We Start?

In my work with churches over the past decade, I have discovered a significant gap in level of preparation for safety or security purposes in churches across all denominations and faiths. 

 The reasons for the disparities are wide-ranging, including size, location, past history with crime in the area, and expectations of the future.  (Click here or on the picture to read more.)

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Pass the "P's," Please

6/5/2019 - ​Reactive, Proactive, or Preactive

If I called you this week and told you that something very bad MIGHT occur at your church this week,what would you do? Would you say, “thanks for the heads up”and leave it at that, or would you seek additional information?  Would you analyze and change any procedures, actions, or habits at your church? Would you be a bit more watchful and intentional? Who would you forewarn, or would you talk to anyone?​ (Click here or on the picture to read more.)

Where to start your church safety team
Where to start your church safety team

Welcome to the Safe Zone, the place where we can all learn together while and do so in safety. If you have an incident or story that we can all learn from, let us know here.

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Remember To Minister

When Family Hurts

When Family Hurts

It took just a few minutes of talking with the woman to realize she was stressed about something...really stressed. What the team member thought would be a few moments of pleasantries was quickly becoming a silent call for help. There was nothing overtly wrong with her conversation; it was pleasant and amiable.​ (Click here or on the picture to read more.)

7/11/2019 - ​A Staff Perspective of Church Safety & Security

 How often have you thought to include safety or security awareness training for the staff person, or people, in your church? Remember, they are on the front line every time they are at the church whether for the friendly member stopping by to visit, or the potentially more volatile guest looking for help. This article has a unique insight into the issue of safety and security on a daily basis, written by someone who has served on the front lines. (Click here or on the picture to read more.)