004 - ​Reactive, Proactive, or Preactive

“If I called you this week and told you that something very bad MIGHT occur at your church this week,what would you do? Would you say, “thanks for the heads up”and leave it at that, or would you seek additional information?  Would you analyze and change any procedures, actions, or habits at your church? Would you be a bit more watchful and intentional? Who would you forewarn, or would you talk to anyone?​ (Click here to hear the podcast.)​

002 - The Five "P's" of Readiness

Church safety programs should not be complex, but they should be orderly. In today's podcast, we’re going to take the category of Readiness and unpack it a bit with five areas of for most of our information - People, Policies, Procedures, Property, and Practice.  Listen and learn how to make your church safety and security program simpler. (Click here to hear the podcast.)

​001 - Church Safety & Security - Where Do We Start?

In my work with churches over the past decade, I have discovered a significant gap in level of preparation for safety or security purposes in churches across all denominations and faiths. (Click here to hear the podcast.)

003 - "He Was Such A Nice Guy."

“He was such a nice guy.”  This is the phrase that will drive your church attorney crazy as he tries to determine how he's going to keep the lawsuit against the church from closing the church doors. How much can this particular safety and security issue cost your church in a settlement? Too much, but there are ways to keep it from happening!  (Click here to hear the podcast.)

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